MARK Green tea face mask (for oily, acne prone skin)


Do you know that you are one of the most beautiful creation on this Earth for me? And I want it to stay that way. This is why I bring to you MARK Green tea face mask with green tea. It is created specifically for oily, acne prone skin.  

My new mask is rich in antioxidants and combined with rice, oat and neem leaf powders it will handily purify your skin and deeply cleanse it from toxins. With its anti-inflammatory properties it will effectively fight increased creation of skin sebum and acne. And now you can show the world your true, beautiful face :)

MARK Green tea face mask is a purely natural formula, created to fight acne by detoxifying the skin and giving it a youthful appearance.

How to do it?

  • Mix one teaspoon of the mask with a little amount of water to create a paste and apply it to clean, wet face (leaving out the skin around your eyes).
  • Let it sit and wash it off after 3-5 minutes with lukewarm water. Moisture with your favourite face cream if necessary. 
  • You can use the mask 2-3 times a week.
  • DON'T FORGET: This mask is meant for relaxation. I recommend to apply the mask and close and cover your eyes for at least 5 minutes. If you experience swelling or watering of the eyes, use a wet towel, cotton pads, or cucumber slices.

Avena Sativa kernel meal (oat powder), Camellia sinensis powder (green tea powder), Oryza sativa powder (rice powder), Azadirachta indica leaf powder (neem powder)

100% natural product which does not contain any preservatives, perfumes, colourants or other added synthetic chemicals. 

Not tested on animals. 

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