MARK Bracelet Howlite

Length of bracelet: 17.5 cm
Diameter: 8 mm


Would you like to feel calm and balanced? Do you have difficulties to fall asleep because too many thoughts spin in your head? 
If you answer “yes” to one or both previous questions, try my Howlite bracelet. Howlite brings ease to every day, it decreases stress, it smothers anger and it helps you to fall asleep more easily. It is full of positive energy.  

MARK Bracelet Howlite:

  • brings release from insomnia.
  • keeps a balance of calcium levels in your body (it has a positive impact to bones and teeth).
  • helpful in stressful situations.

Zodiac sign:  Gemini (if you like Howlite bracelets and your astrological sign is different than Gemini, it probably attracts you because you need its anti-stress properties).

The decorative heart is made from stainless steal, it doesn't rust or wear out. 

How to take care of your MARK bracelets:

MARK bracelets are made of natural stones and just like everything pure and natural, they can react to harsh external environment. If you want to keep your bracelets in their original state and colour, please follow my advices below:

  • avoid excessive contact with water
  • take the bracelets down when exercising or sweating
  • avoid contact with chemicals
  • keep light coloured stones away from very strong sun rays