Soy Massage Candle Quirky Sense

The massage candle is manually cast and produced with use of 100% natural soy way adjusted to contact with your skin. The candle is sold in a ceramic jar with a cotton wick, containing high quality essential oils, olive oil and grape seed oil.

Parameters: weight 100g, height 80 mm, width 90 mm. Approximate burning time is 40 hours.

Soy massage candle Quirky Sense variants:

  • Rose and jasmine scented candle: Two classic flowers create an astonishing combination by connecting the sweet jasmine and the soft rose.
  • Chocolate Deluxe scented candle: The sinfully rich dark chocolate meets a tint of fresh cream, fine butter and velvet cocoa.
  • Fig scented candle: This charming scent will put a spell on you with its luscious aroma of fig with a mild woody undertone together with a touch of green fig, cedar, patchouli, tonk beans and musk.
  • Ylang ylang scented candle: A relaxation scent is intensively sweet, heady, flowery, and slightly spicy, with an undertone resonating the smell of banana.

Let's get to it!

  • Let the candle burn for at least 20 minutes before use. This gives you a chance to create a pleasant atmosphere and time to use your favourite MARK Coffee scrub!
  • Once you are ready for your massage, extinguish the wick and let the wax cool down a little before you start the massage.
  • The candle wax is suitable for intense care of dry skin on your hands, elbows and feet or for a full body massage as well.