Spirit Beads Bracelet

MARK face and body and the brand Spirit Beads came together to create this beautiful bracelet straight from Bali. The bracelet "MARK + Spirit Beads" is made of 4 gemstones:


  • soothes emotions and brings inner peace, encourages intuition and creativity, reduces depression and anxiety
  • healing properties: strengthens bones and stabilises the cardiovascular system


  • empowers self-confidence, improves focus and gives feeling of safety and security
  • healing properties: encourages functioning of metabolism, helps with absorption of vitamins and minerals, ensures good blood circulation of organs and tissues


  • restores vitality, motivation and effectively stimulates creativity, brings courage and positive insight on life
  • healing properties: cleans lymphatic system, heals skin diseases

Mookaite Jasper

  • teaches canniness and patience, absorbs negative energy, gives courage and helps with finding solutions to conflicts
  • healing properties: supplies with energy, supports digestion, brings healthy and peaceful sleep.

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How to take care of your MARK bracelets:

MARK bracelets are made of natural stones and just like everything pure and natural, they can react to harsh external environment. If you want to keep your bracelets in their original state and colour, please follow my advices below:

  • avoid excessive contact with water
  • take the bracelets down when exercising or sweating
  • avoid contact with chemicals
  • keep light coloured stones away from very strong sun rays

Length of bracelet: 17.5 cm
Diameter: 8 mm

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