MARK BIO FACE WATER MINT - refreshing tonic for skin, hair and mouth


This organic water is obtained by steam distillation from peppermint leaves and,
in addition to the refreshing minty scent, has number of beneficial effects on the skin. It tones and tightens, soothes itching and various irritations on the skin.
Thanks to the menthol content, you will especially appreciate its pleasant cooling effect on the skin or tired feet in the summer months, or after strenuous physical activity. Thanks to its disinfecting effects, it is also particularly suitable as a mouthwash to freshen the breath.

- it is suitable for every skin type

- it has cooling effect

- soothes itchy skin, irritated skin after shaving, or after insect bites

- suppresses the growth of bacteria and inflammation, and therefore is also suitable for acne-prone skin

- when applied to the scalp, it can help regulate excessive oil production thanks to the menthol content

- it pleasantly freshens the breath

Store in a cool place at a temperature of up to 20°C, ideally in a refrigerator.

Ingredients: Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Water* *certified organic ingredient



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