Who is MARK?


I am MARK and I bring natural cosmetics under the brand MARK face and body. Cosmetics are handmade in small amount, always fresh batch of quality raw materials of natural, plant and organic origin. When developing my products, I respect the principles of Green beauty - the principles of healthy and gentle access to the skin. Each ingredient has its own meaning and a beneficial effect on the health of the skin.


My motto is, "Every skin deserves MARK," because I want everyone to take care of their skin in a healthy and fun way. I believe that beauty is a celebration of the individual, a pleasant time spent in the process of self-pampering, so my products are available in a variety of flavors combined with natural essential oils.


I do not use any synthetic preservatives, irritating foaming and cleaning surfactants, GMO ingredients, phthalates, paraben or synthetic fragrances. In the case of natural cosmetics, transparency is very important to me, so you will always find on my website the entire composition of the product as well as the description of the raw materials used. I am proud of the fact that in my cosmetics there is a large proportion of ingredients in BIO quality and ingredients certified with Ecocert.


When producing my products, I always think about the health of my customers and the impact of my products on the quality of their lives and our environment. I want to reach the satisfaction of each customer and provide him with a fast and quality customer service. I apply a personal approach to the customer, help him choose the most suitable product and answer him promptly to all his questions on my social networks.

Instagram: @scrub_mark

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