Refund policy

Wiithdrawal from the contract

I hope that you really like your MARK Face And Body product. However, if you wish, then you can return the product.

Ordered goods can be returned within 14 calendar days from the day the order was received by you, without stating the reason for the return.

You will be fully refunded on receipt of the goods (return shipping costs are excluded).

To start the process, please send me an email on:, stating that you wish to return the products and I will provide you a reference number and postal address.

Wiithdrawal from the purchase contract form:

Seller: MARK Cosmetics s.r.o., Ivanska 6, 900 45 Malinovo, Slovakia, e-mail

I am informing you about the withdrawal from the purchase contract:
Date of order:
First name and Surname of the consumer:
Address of the consumer:


Claims form:

If you want to claim the goods and start the claim process, please take the following steps:

Send an email to the following email address:, where you will state:

  • Order number
  • Product name
  • Claim reason and description of the problem

Please state your preferred way of reimbursement (exchange of the goods, withdrawal from the contract and return of the payment or discount for the next purchase).

The complain will be resolved immediately, latest 30 days from the start of the claim process.

Yours MARK

Instagram: @scrub_mark

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