• When can I expect MARK to arrive?

I am processing the orders within 1 - 2 working days. The delivery will arrive via local national postal services.The actual shipping time depends on the destination. The average shipping time is 5 to 7 working days. If you do not receive your order in 7 business days from receiving the shipping confirmation, please contact me on info@markscrub.com.

  • How to use MARK?

First, get wet, baby! Wet your skin with water in shower or bath. Then, take MARK to your hands, handful of MARK is enough, and rub him in circular massage motions. Focus on problem areas and don't be afraid to put MARK on your face, too. Leave MARK to play with your skin for 5 minutes and then finish your mutual delight with a firm and thorough rinse. While MARK is on your skin and fighting against all skin blemishes, you could take a picture together and then share it on his Instagram account (@scrub_mark) or on a Facebook profile (www.facebook.com/scrubmark) :)  It is recommended to repeat this 2-3 times a week. 

  • When will I see the first results?

MARK is truly unique! Straight after the first use you will feel that your skin is smooth and hydrated. 

  • My skin is very sensitive. Can I use MARK? 

Definitely yes, MARK consists of natural ingredients only. It is even suitable for soft baby skin. Even though, it is recommended to test MARK on a small part of your body before the first use. 

  • Can I use MARK on my face?

Yes, MARK is suitable for the entire body as well as your face. I recommend to try the product on a small part of your face before the first use also in the case of face products.

  • How long will one package last?

It depends how much you love MARK and how often will you two meet in the shower or bath :) If it is going to be twice a week, MARK should last for about a month. It also depends whether you will be using MARK on your entire body or only on your face or other smaller parts of your body, e.g.: elbows, hands, feet, etc.

  • How should I store MARK?

MARK's outer package is waterproof but do not forget to close it after each usage. MARK should be stored at a dry place. Try not to get a water into the package.

  • How is it with shipping?

Please see the shipping rates below:

EUROPE - Free shipping entire Europe (on orders above 40 EUR)!

Order value € 0 – €40.00 shipping costs €3.50



Order value € 0 – €40.00 shipping costs €6.00

Orders over €40 shipping cost €10.00

  • I am interested in cooperation, what should I do?

If you are interested in any type of cooperation, please send me an email to info@markscrub.com and briefly explain what you have in mind. I will reply as soon as possible. 

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