MARK set for problematic skin

Do you suffer from oily skin, unpleasant rashes or even acne? I'll be happy to help with my quality MARK face and body cosmetic products for everyday use. Thanks to them, your skin will be again healthy, beautiful and glowing.

Special MARK set for problematic skin includes:

  • 1 x MARK coffee face scrub - a natural coffee scrub to be used specifically for face. It gently removes dead skin cells and nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes the skin with the content of jojoba and avocado oil. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of tea tree and grapefruit essential oil help to decrease sebum and acne production.
  • 1 x MARK facial soap with activated charcoal - a natural, handmade soap for cleansing (not only) problematic and acne skin. It is able to bind toxins, impurities and excess sebum. It deeply cleanses the skin, releases clogged pores and prevents the formation of rashes.
  • 1 x MARK Green tea face mask - a powdered face mask made of green tea, oat, rice and neem powder. It deeply cleanses the skin, fights against free radicals and thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects it helps to decrease sebum or acne production.

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