5 reasons why oils are great for your skin

5 reasons why oils are great for your skin

March 03, 2018

Hello Beautiful,

let's talk oils. If you are still under the impression that oils make your skin more greasy or that they are only suitable for extremely dry skin, read on! It's all myths!

Find out what the actual deal with facial oils is, why they are suitable for all skin types and, most of all - why they are the best.

1. Moisturising

The moisturising function of oils is essential and undeniable. Oils are the number one aid for dry skin anywhere on your body. In acute situation reach for coconut oil or (virgin) olive oil from your kitchen. 

2. Slowing down ageing

Another big reason to pay attention to oils. Most of them are generally high in antioxidants, vitamin E mostly, protecting your skin from damage and therefore, wrinkles. To freshen up your face not only in the mornings and at nigh time, use MARK organic face oil Lemongrass for bright regenerated skin and reduced signs of ageing.

3. Fighting acne

Besides vitamin E, the oil serum contains rice and apricot oils, lemongrass oil and grape seed oil, that nourish and reduce skin sebum creation, making the product perfect for acne prone skin. A proof that oils are suitable for all skin types. You just need to find the right one.  

4. Being natural

Forget paraffin, silicones, preservatives and other unnecessary chemicals conventionally used in cosmetic products. Natural ingredients are the best teammates for skin microflora and protective films. They contain essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 that our skin cannot create itself but that are key for its healthy functioning. 

5. Regenerating

Oils add aroma-therapeutical dimensions to cosmetics and skin care. They help the absorption of effective ingredients by increasing the skin's permeability. What's more, oils themselves carry the plant's healing properties all the way to the cardiovascular system and improve physical and mental condition. 

I hope you have a perfect day.

Yours faithfully,


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