Beautiful without makeup :)

Beautiful without makeup :)

August 04, 2017

Hello, my love! 

You too cannot imagine getting up in the morning and heading to school or work without your regular BB cream, foundation, favorite mascara or blush? It has become too easy to put on a covering makeup, to conceal the little flaws and imperfections. But being confident in your own natural beauty, that shows some courage. And in the eyes of us men, well, a huge advantage. :)

Step out of the crowd and don’t be afraid to introduce your prettier, natural YOU to the world. Let me show you how to survive even without your makeup bag and shine out bright!

The key to success

Clean and healthy skin is essential whether you decide to wear makeup or not. It is necessary to hydrate, cleanse, remove makeup and scrub regularly and visit a beautician every once in a while. Don’t forget to apply day and night creams on regular bases, based on your skin type. It’s at night when your skin regenerates the most. However, using too many products too often can cause harm to your skin. Try to sleep on your back at night, it reduces the risk of wrinkles.

TIP: if you haven’t yet, try my MARK face scrub Tea tree & Jojoba. It can be in your bathroom by tomorrow! 

Irresistible look

When you look someone in the eye, you always catch a glimpse of their eyebrows as well. It’s important for your brows to look natural, so the colour should match your hair. Focus on the shape as well. If you’re having troubles finding the right shape for your face type, visit a professional. Castor oil will help with making your brows thicker by enhancing the growth of new hairs. You will see the change after only a few weeks.

If you worry about under-eye circles, apply cold green tea bags or mint leaves.

Shiny white pearls

It has been proven that a smile is recognized quicker than a perfectly applied lipstick. Smile! A woman’s smile is the prettiest makeup. Take care of your teeth, the whiter, the brighter the smile. Instead of aggressive whitening toothpastes, try homemade recipes like turmeric, coconut oil or baking soda.

Hydrated lips

Dry and chapped lips aren’t very attractive. Treat them every night before bed, so they can be moisturized during the night. Massage them with a toothbrush twice a week or try my new MARK Coffee Lips, natural coffee scrub.

Princess hair

Beautiful and healthy hair are like a princess’ crown, but be aware of grown out hair colour and dead ends. Trim your ends at least every three to four weeks. If you have flat hair, dandruff or other problems, apply coconut oil by massaging it to your roots every now and then. Herbs can be a good helper too - apply them to your hair after boiling them in water. Sage and oak bark for brunettes, chamomile and linden tree leaves for blondes. They will leave your hair beautifully shiny.

Mix. Match. Repeat.

If you are trying to protect your skin from negative effects, it is important to start using natural cosmetics that is harmless to the skin. I am all natural, made from carefully picked ingredients and I can be quite flexible :) Here’s a tip you can use in every situation. All you need is one MARK Coffee Original and an essential oil of your choice. You can mix me up in a scent you love the most. :) I would recommend lavender which calms you down and relieves stress, or lemon to increase concentration, refresh and active both body and soul. You can use me with 31 herbal oil to relieve back pain and regenerate after a workout! Apply me as a healing wrap, let me work my magic for 10 minutes and then wash me off.  

Let me know how it went!

Yours faithfully,


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