Face gymnastics <3

Face gymnastics <3

July 28, 2017

Hello Darling,

A simple saying inspired my today’s blog. You know what they say: “Age is just a number.” As you’ve surely heard this sentence from your aunties or grandma, with getting older and welcoming more face wrinkles, many women start panicking about the downfalls associated with higher age. If case you’ve already started looking for ways to look forever young, here’s a tip for you to try - face gymnastics! This simple and short exercise will make it all easier for you, naturally and without any medical help. I’m all in for the natural ways!

Face gymnastics is a set of exercises targeted on tightening and releasing face muscles. From all the 51 face and neck muscles contributing to our mimique we only use a few. Face gymnastics will help you eliminate wrinkles, optically narrow your face, strengthen eyelids, lift mouth corners, or even magnify your lips! There is no age limit to start with this exercise. The sooner you start with the prevention the more will your skin thank you in the future.

Let’s do it!

As a beginner it’s best to start in front of a mirror so you can watch your facial moves and control it. Just like with any other exercise, it is crucial to persevere and exercise regularly. Activating and releasing tension in your muscles stimulates blood circulation, increases oxygen intake in the cells, fastens metabolism and disposes of dirt and waste materials. Exercise for at least 5 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes at night before bed, but always with a makeup-free face! Most of the exercises can be done even during your daily routines, during phone calls, while cooking or working on your computer. Individual face gymnastics techniques improve skin elasticity, support skin cell regeneration and help with blood circulation.

1) Inflated and fish cheeks

Perform the exercise by inflating as much air in your cheeks as possible. Repeat five times. This exercise helps to relieve the muscles in your cheek area and strengthen them. Take a few seconds break after the last set, then suck your cheeks in and smile. You can feel the upper part of your cheeks stretching. Repeat five times just like the last time. This exercise is the opposite of the previous one and works against languished muscles around cheekbones.

2) Like a Chinese

With your eyes halfway closed, stretch them with your hands outward. Wait for 5 seconds, release and repeat for at least 10 times. Keep increasing the tension each time. This exercise works the circular muscles in the around-the-eyes area. It eliminates the creation of puffed undereyes and greyish skin in the area. Around the eyes area is perfectly stimulated which helps with reducing dark circles under your eyes.

3) Kiss

Round your lips and push them against each other as hard as you can. Hold for 5 seconds and make a loud kiss sound to intensify the results. Alternate the kiss with an opposite exercise - a wide smile while hiding your lips. Repeat 10 times! This activates more than 40 face muscles and helps to gain luscious, voluminous lips.

4) Giraffe

Sit down, make yourself comfortable and lean back. Keep your shoulders down. Open your mouth and push your jaw to the front while looking upwards. Strech your neck and lean your head back a little, still pushing your shoulders down. Can you feel the stretch in your neck and shoulders? Hold the tension for 5 seconds for strengthening your neck.

5) Abracadabra, the double chin is gone!

Place the back of your hand under your chin and hold it steadily while pressing back on the hand. You can open your mouth a little bit too to make it easier. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 times and always stay in the tensed position for 3-5 seconds.

And don’t forget! After every workout you need to give the particular area a well deserved rest! MARK face scrub Tea tree & Jojoba treats your face after the exercise just right. The combination of coffee and high quality natural ingredients in the coffee scrub gets your face rid of dirt and imperfections. Tea tree essential oil fights bad bacteria and together with caffeine contained in coffee cleanses the skin and stimulates its circulation. Both jojoba and avocado oils have highly hydrating properties. They absorb easily and penetrate into deeper skin layers, nourishing them. Compared to other scrubs, MARK face scrub Tea Tree and Jojoba is more gentle since it is specifically developed for your complexion to be soft and fine.

Enjoy your beautifying process :)

Yours faithfully,


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