Hair care tips with MARK :)

Hair care tips with MARK :)

September 24, 2017

Hello beautiful,

I know, I always talk about face and body. The truth is, we shouldn’t forget about hair as well. Often, it is the first thing people notice. Whether your hair is long or strong, thick or very thin, hair striving with health is obvious at first sight. Because they often require specific care, I wrote down some advices on what not to skip during your usual beauty rituals.

Sun rays in summer have the same effect on the hair that they do on our skin on the body. If you were walking on the sun without head protection the whole season, UV radiation might have penetrated into the hair and break its structure from the root. But nothing’s lost! What can you do know to restore your hair’s structure?

  1. The right hair washing method

The first step is to protect the hair with the correct treatment which will properly hydrate it. One hair consists of 10-15% water probably that was easily drained off in summer. Maybe you have noticed that your ends tend to dry faster than usual.

Here’s my first little tip: Wash your hair not once, but twice altogether. The first wash requires a bigger amount of shampoo. Massage your scalp thoroughly, but don’t rub your hair too harshly. This is the phase to wash of dirt and oiliness. You’ll see that round too only requires a little bit of shampoo to create a lot of foam. This is the part of actually washing your hair. Always rinse it off with lukewarm water and make sure there are no shampoo leftovers.

  1. Styling products - friends or enemies for your hair?

I know styling products are supposed to keep your perfect do in place, however, together with hot shower water, extreme weather changes and wind, these products can be the reason why your hair suffers. It is hard even on healthy hair, not to mention weak and damaged hair. Try to focus on prevention and protection. Use as little product as possible and if possible, pick the ones that are natural and hydrating.

  1. The unpopular chlorine

Chlorine is known as a strong disinfection from impurities and bacteria. What they don’t say is it dissolves lipids too, which act as a natural protective layer giving the hair shine and moisture. If you were a big fan of swimming pool in summer or you still go swimming as your go to workout, be aware. Long-term exposure to chlorine can make your hair porous and rough.

It can also be a reason for some unwanted color change. Especially blonds and those with dyed blond hair should look out for this undesired side effect. The main helper is to wash your hair properly every time you enter a pool. Hair follicles are like sponges - the more water they absorb first, the less space for chlorine.

MARK TIP for beautiful, rich and shiny mane.

Have you ever opened a coconut oil, closed your eyes and took a deep breath? The scent of coconut immediately transfers you back to your exotic summer vacation. Asians have discovered the wonderful properties centuries ago. Today the whole world knows that the secret of the oil is in lauric acid and saturated fatty acids. Together they make the essential ingredients of coconut oil. And that is why each and every one of my scrubs contains this outstanding ingredient.

Virgin coconut oil is not only useful in skincare, it’s beneficial properties don’t out your hair either. It covers it in protective filter and makes them healthier and amazingly shiny.

  • TIP: Did you know that MARK is a versatile professional and can be used on hair (in all of its aromas, of course! :))? You will never have to worry about split dry ends. All you need to do is a MARK wrap - apply a bigger amount of MARK on wet ends and let it work for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and continue with your regular shampoo and conditioner (or use a natural non-shampoo method :))
  • TIP: Coconut milk has natural moisturizing effects. Mix two tablespoons of milk with two drops of lavender oil. Apply evenly on your hair from roots to ends. Wrap your hair up in a towel and let it sit for one hour. Again, wash with shampoo and conditioner.

I hope my advice will help you to maintain the beauty of your hair for a long time. Will you try the “MARK wrap”? :)

Yours faithfully,


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